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Polymer production

By the standards of the polymer industry — we are young company. But we have our own point of view. Here and now, youth is synonymous to progress, technological innovation, improvement, a thirst for experimentation and renewal.

That is how our specialists developed the technologies for the production of a number of polymer products. Some of these products have no analogues neither in Russia, nor in the world.

We have a great relationships with a number of large Russian factories, supplying them with unique raw materials, and also being an experimental platform for the development of fundamentally new, technological and innovative types of polymer raw materials.

Our company is always open for any kind of cooperation. This applies both ready-made solutions, from the already existing range of manufactured goods, and the development of unique types and forms of goods and polymer raw materials.

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The dynamism of development and the infinity of possibilities for experiments are conditioned by the fact that in the processing section of plastics and polymers has installed an advanced equipment for the production of complex, innovative, composite materials.

We like, and we are able to experiment, develop new polymer technologies, solve ambitious tasks and open new horizons in the chosen field.

At the processing section of plastics and polimers in our company, there is the advanced equipment for the production of composite materials based on Ko-Kneter mixers. The application of this technology is one of the most advanced in the world, due to its unique properties. There is a mixer-plasticizer of the last generation, equipped with a four-bladed auger, on our factory.

Our equipment allows us to inject into the polymers various substances in the form of powder, and in liquid form, and even in the form of oil. This fact allows us to improve, strengthen or, if necessary, reduce the various properties of the polymer. In addition, it opens up a vast space for experiments. For example, the introduction of carbon black, up to 80% in the polymer, with the quality of mixing, which makes it possible to use such a masterbatch even in the production of a film. The introduction of liquid nicotine in a certain percentage into the polymer, for the production of facilities that can help a person to get rid of the addiction. Or, for example, the introduction of harmless for human and animal essential oils in the polymer, which is in demand in the production of antiparasitic facilities with the «Bio»-prefix. For the same purposes, the function of producing a two-layer polymer tape is required, where each layer is filled with its own, various active substance. And much, much more that is reflected on our site both in the products section and in the raw materials section. In addition, one of our mixers can be used as a laboratory extruder if necessary

The principle and characteristic of Ko-Kneter mixers is the unique design of the screw assembly, which allows to achieve high-quality mixing and distribution of all components of the processed polymer mass to a relatively short section even at a low temperature regime. We installed equipment for weighing dosing of dry and liquid components of raw materials, which allows us to ensure a stable quality of raw materials in each batch.

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