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Reliable partner in the production of Private Label products

Our company develops and manufactures products under our own trademarks, as well as Private Label production. The research laboratory, highly qualified personnel with many years of experience, advanced technologies and equipment, sometimes unparalleled in Russia and Europe, allow you to realize your boldest ideas and be a reliable partner in the production of Private Label products.

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Terra Plast is —
About company
Polymer production
By the standards of the polymer industry — we are young company. But we have our own point of view. Here and now, youth is synonymous to progress, technological innovation, improvement, a thirst for experimentation and renewal.
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Perfume and cosmetic production
We are ready to develop, create, produce and bring to the market the Product, for you. Your product can be quality, stylish, conceptual, fashionable and unique.
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Tableting, granulation and blistering
Terra Plast, LLC, offers services in tableting, granulation and blistering of various biologically active additives and other bulk goods.
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Concentrate on marketing and sales. Entrust production to professionals

The main thing in Private label production for you is the status, brand recognition, your products without investment and, of course, income.

That’s why even small retail chains, even individual stores in advanced economies have its own brand’ goods.

You can entrust to our company the production of your Private Label products, so you will have enough time to concentrate on marketing and sales. The main condition for Private Label to be economically justified is the availability of sales, own customer base (wholesale or retail — it does not matter), the ability to implement a minimum contract lot.

The further development of your own brand depends entirely on your chosen promotion strategy. For example, by starting work with us and placing an order in our production, you have the opportunity to set a lower price for these products, or to establish it at the level of competitors. Then, in the first case, you are able to implement a strategy of low prices and complement your product range with your own line of inexpensive products. In the second case you are able to do a full-fledged creation of your own brand, a brand that corresponds only to your visions and expectations.

Save on equipment and staff

You receive products under your own brand without investment in equipment, production facilities, personnel. Without problems with licensing authorities. Without a headache with the search for raw materials, logistics and many others. You just own your brand, your recipes, your design. In advance, you raise your authority among competitors, customers and consumers.

Increase your income and increase your status

You can increase your income, indeed. After all, most of the profits of suppliers and dealers become your profit. Everything is in your hands, the more significant part in sales volumes your Private Label product will take, the greater this effect.

To run products under your own brand, you just need to contact us.

Our customers have already saved a lot of money, using Private Label production! You are able to join them anytime. All you need is just to contact us.

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